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We are currently open for a broader pre-launch testing to gather more feedback on our formulas. If you are interested in participating in the early assessment, get free product and share your feedback, join our club! We are always looking for a diverse set of reviewers.

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What our early reviewers are sharing with us

Liz K.: My friends keep telling me: "Oh, you're Asian, you don't need to worry about aging, lucky you!" Yeah, guess what, no one is safe from the photo aging! And although my sunscreen is with me at all times, it is comforting to know that my antioxidant serum works even after the extra sun exposure. I use it in the morning and in the evening too.


Evelyn W.: I didn't expect any miracles, I know my wrinkles are here to stay. I just hoped it would help to slow down the process a little. Yet I noticed in about a month that my pores looked smaller. I didn't know they could actually shrink and some aren't visible at all. Much better than my regular moisturizers and just a little bit of this serum goes a long way!