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About Us

A fresh approach to skincare

You should know when your skincare is manufactured, and have an assurance the ingredients you are paying for are still potent.


The right formula doesn’t always work

Ostelia’s founder Julia is a geek who is obsessed with tech, science and beauty. The daughter of a dermatologist and an oncologist, she grew up applying the evidence-based approach to the world around her. She has spent years studying which skincare products are effective, and, much to her dismay, discovered that many products that contain the ingredients for effectiveness still don’t work.

The reason? The items spent too much time on the shelf, and the ingredients have lost their potency, or worse, have degraded to the degree that they can cause an allergic reaction. It seemed unfathomable that cosmetic products in the US are not required to provide manufacturing or expiration dates.

The answer: product shelf life

Julia decided to change that by creating a skincare line that is transparent, safe, effective and fresh. Her mission is to provide people with products that are guaranteed to be potent, supported by scientific studies and created by knowledgeable chemists. If that will make the rest of the cosmetic industry follow and become more transparent, her mission will be truly accomplished.

Ostelia's commitment

  • At Ostelia, we believe that the expiration of the product begins with its raw ingredients. We carefully check expiration dates provided by our suppliers and plan our purchasing volume to avoid extra shelf time for the ingredients before they go into production.
  • The only ingredients that are added are the ones that are proven to work in a given concentration by peer-reviewed studies. You won't see dozens of botanical extracts added at a barely traceable levels.
  • Perform extensive stability testing on formulated products and throughout their lifecycle.
  • Always publish manufacturing and expiration dates on our products, to make sure you are in full control of what you put on your skin.
  • Produce small batches on a regular basis to always have the freshest product in stock.