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Our Ingredients

We love natural products, organic and sustainable farming, but we don’t compromise the quality or safety for the sake of sounding “green”. We do our research and choose the best ingredients for the job, no matter, natural or synthetic. Once we identify the supplier, we require a certificate of analysis for every batch of the ingredients we purchase for the following reasons:

Lavender field

  • Plant-based ingredients might have grown in the soil contaminated with heavy metals even if the rest of the farming practices comply with the USDA’s “Organic” certification.
  • Lab synthesized ingredients might be pure at pharmaceutical grade and exceptionally safe or, if not processed according to the best practices might also contain impurities.

Although we prefer to work with the reputable manufacturers, this trust is not blind and built upon the documentation they provide and the number of tests they perform on their product, as well as our tests that confirm the highest quality of the ingredients.

Certain ingredients have a relatively short expiration date,
and therefore our products will be advised to be used by the date that matches the shortest-lived ingredient. In the manufacturing environment the ingredient can be tested and re-certified when it is nearing expiration to extend its shelf-life, but since we can’t do it with the finished product after its sold, we believe it is the best guidance we can give to our customers.

If you are a supplier and would like to work with us, please review our Supplier's code of conduct and make sure you are in compliance.