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'After Dark' Facial Oil with Cholesterol

A special blend of oils high in linoleic, linolenic fatty acids features cholesterol that is crucial for dry and mature skin types.

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'After Dark' Facial Oil with Retinoid

A special blend of oils high in linoleic and linolenic fatty acids that are crucial for aging skin paired with the new generation of gentle retinoids.

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Scalp Serum

Scalp and Hair Serum

Non-oily nourishment for healthy hair follicules, the critical part of your hair. Spray on your hair roots, massage into the scalp and let it do the work overnight!

Currently in testing.

Daily Serum Brighter

Daily Antioxidant Serum

Antioxidant boost that moisturizes, nourishes, improves the skin tone, and helps it fight the free radicals caused by UV damage.

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Niacinamide serum

Restore & Recharge Serum

Restore and repair, a power of niacinamide and anti-inflammatory agents to help the skin fight the second biggest contributor to aging and calm sensitive skin.

Currently in testing.

Peptide Booster

Collagen Support Serum

Peptides and moisturization, and growth factors. Everything that is needed to support the maturing skin and help it to preserve a healthy look as long as possible.

Currently in development.